Cassiopeia, the Poisonous Red Rose

Cassiopeia, the Poisonous Red Rose

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Greetings Summoners,

long time no see! Lighane got creative again. And do you know why? Because she spottet Twisted Fate and Cassiopeia having some fun and flirting in a bar in Valoran. Is this the end for Twisted Fate and Evelynn? Who knows...all we know is that Cassiopeia in her new red dress is damn hot! Who would not understand a Twisted Fate in love with her?

Don't you think she's beautiful...even as a snake?
If you want to stun enemies with your beauty and crawl around in your hot red dress, this skin is totally right for you!

With this skin comes (as always) a totally renewed Loadscreen and ingame square and circle pictures. Enjoy, rate and comment on Lighanes skin as you please!

Well then summoners, keep your eyes and ears open. If you see anything interesting in Valoran, that should be skinned - just tell us!

See ya Summoners,
your Skeld

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