German Garen - For the patriot in you ;)

German Garen - For the patriot in you ;)

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Peace =)

As the title says: Every German got a little patriot inside ... ^^

No just kidding, actually this is my first skin I decided to make for one of my fav champs. Its "just" a recolor, but considering it was my first try im really kinda happy with the result =)

For sure its not only for German people, imho the colors just fit together quite well and make good-old Garen look even much better. ^^

If people gonna like it, I may think about including loadscreen, icons, particles and stuff ... just didnt want to spend so much time on things people may not be interested in xD. It also wouldnt be that much work to change it to some other national colors ... ;)

So yeah, pls comment 'n rate, hope youre gonna enjoy it!

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Submitted by Heina Baumstamm

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